This Post Contains NO Snark

Y’all! Y’all this has made me so happy I could pass marshmallow sparkles.

This kid, you guys. THIS KID. This kid is finalist in a contest to design a dress for Michelle Obama. He’s 12-year-old Grant Mower from Flower Mound, Texas. This kid makes me want to take back like 40% of the horrible things I’ve said about Texas.

He’s been bullied because he wants to be a fashion designer. Because he wants to design like Chanel or Lagerfeld or Valentino. And this kid, y’all, this kid’s all haters gonna hate, I’m gonna design.

He got the idea for the dress he’s designed for the contest from an orchid at the Smithsonian. That’s right. While you were ogling Julia Child’s kitchen or getting all starry-eyed over the Hope Diamond, this kid was getting inspired.

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