This Is What Happens When I Try To Be Organized

31 Jul


I thought I’d go all Betty Crocker the other day. I put apple juice left over from mopping Himself’s ribs (That only sounds vaguely suggestive. He was really mopping his ribs. On the grill. Sheesh.) in the freezer. There were Sharpies and one-cup measures involved. I also put up some chicken broth.

You see where this is going already, don’t you?

Tonight we were going to have a lovely shepherd’s pie with mashed potatoes on top. I was going to go, once again, all Betty Crocker and make a GINORMOUS LOAD of mashed potatoes and put up–in the freezer–what I didn’t use for dinner. I remembered–thrifty housewife I am–the chicken broth in the freezer and decided to use that instead of milk in the potatoes.

You’re already there, aren’t you?

Twenty minutes worth of peeling and dicing potatoes. GONE. Dinner plans? DESTROYED. Why? WHY? Do you really have to ask?


If any of you leave a comment about how I could salvage them, I will hunt you down and make you eat the applepotatoes.


2 Responses to “This Is What Happens When I Try To Be Organized”

  1. Four July 31, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    A little gin, a little vermouth, and a good laugh thinking about Irish appletini’s

  2. amy July 31, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

    Hello…potatoes are pommes des terres in French. Apples of the earth, baby. You could have salvaged them by….

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