Lucky. Yeah, Right.

All the time people are telling me how lucky I am to have my husband. He’s a kind, smart, funny, gorgeous, thoughtful, solid man. So all the time I’m getting, “Oh, what a guy, that Chuck. You’re so lucky.” Well, one, no. I’m not lucky. This relationship is the result of elbow grease. I’m not saying we laid traps. I’m saying that we were grown-ass adults who understood relationships are work and were willing to do that work to have a good relationship. HOWEVER, the overall point is well taken.

He’s a saint. The man is a saint.

Thing is, he doesn’t get a lot of, “Oh, how lucky you are that Susan married you. What would you do without her?”  It took me until tonight to figure out why that is.

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    1. Susan says:

      I knew that’s what you would say.

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