I ordered this computer. I got it yesterday and it was EXACTLY what I wanted except it didn’t work. I’m returning it for a replacement and if IT doesn’t work, I’m going to raise all sorts of holy hell right here. Because that’s the great thing about having a blog.

Okay, then? I found a recipe for babka that I wanted to try. So I did. And it totally didn’t turn out like it was supposed to. STORY OF MY LIFE.

And yesterday I was going to write about something and I got so mad doing the research that I had to go bake. That’s probably why my babka is lopsided. It’s full of yeast and anger.

Yes, I KNOW. Shut up. I DID find things to be happy about. Chuck and I had an unexpected night home alone. That was cool. And I’m getting ready to leave for Clarksville, Tennessee to see a dear friend I haven’t seen in way too long. She lives next door to my in-laws.

My in-laws have a selection of cheeses waiting for me. My in-laws kick ass.

I’ll see you guys next week. Hopefully I won’t be so scatterbrained next week as I was this week.

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Like that’s gonna happen.

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  1. CJ says:

    I’ve had days like that. I’m not familiar with exactly what babka is, but if it is a baked good such as a bread or cake, is it possible weather in your area was a factor. from experience I have learned high humidity can effect how some baked goods and candies turn out. Never make divinity on a rainy day. also, depending on where you live, altitude can be a factor.

    1. Susan says:

      It’s like a cross between brioche and cinnamon rolls. It’s baked in a loaf and you have to sort of twist it to get the cinnamon mixture throughout. I wish I could blame it on altitude or weather, but it’s just me. It’s the first time I’ve made one though, so I’m going to try to be kind to myself and try again one day…when no one’s home to hear me cuss at the top of my lungs.

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