Here’s To You

2 Jan

Dear Readers,

I am contractually obligated to start this post with, “WOW! What a year!”

Now that’s over, let’s talk about how grateful I am to you.

It is an amazing thing that you spend a few minutes out of your day in this space. When I started blogging three or so years ago my mother didn’t even read me. Now she does and only occasionally wishes she hadn’t. A few months ago, I penned an open letter to Congress. I was asked if I was surprised at the response it got. How it resonated with so many people. My answer was no. I think I said what a lot of us were thinking. What was amazing was how many people read the piece and passed it on. You guys have so many other things to do every day, that you spend some time with me is sort of a trust thing. You trust me to a degree if you’re here. You trust I’ll say what you couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t/shouldn’t. Or you’ll totally disagree with me, get good and pissed off, and sit down to write me a response. Some of you email me directly. You tell me your stories. And that’s why I started doing this in the first place–to share stories.

I’ve got a few things planned for the new year. Standard Shed Life Coaching has really taken off, so I’ll spend some more time telling you what you should do. I’ve just added a new feature that’s, um, in beta right now. I hope to get it rolled out this week. A while ago I asked for you to send suggestions for what to do with deviled egg trays for those of us who don’t eat the evil things. I’ve got some prizes to give out this week for that.  I’m going to try to post more. I KNOW! It’s like Christmas came twice! I’m going to try to post more in short bursts while keeping with the longer pieces. I’m going to revisit a piece that got many of you here in the first place. Deryl Dedmon was scheduled to stand trial in Mississippi beginning January 9 for the murder of James Anderson. That trial has now been delayed. My intention was never just to tell the story of the murder and move on.  Blog for Choice Day is January 22. If you’re a blogger interested in participating, you can get information here.

Thanks, guys. Thanks for reading, contributing, for being my online sounding board. I’d give you big, wet, sloppy kisses but I’m not into public displays of spit swapping.

Happy 2012.


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One Response to “Here’s To You”

  1. Desi January 2, 2012 at 9:20 pm #

    Where’s the blog about the cool hat you got for Christmas?

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