Reality Vs. Fantasy: Living Room Edition

I have to paint the living room and dining room. I’m having a hard time choosing a color. I probably wouldn’t have such a hard time if my living room had any style to it. Our house is full of old stuff. Mostly in a good way. There’s a table from my grandmother’s house; a chair from his grandmother’s house; his grandmother’s hope chest; a library table painted green that possibly came from an aunt, but could just as well have come from the feed store my family used to own. Most days, I think we’ve done a good job melding our stuff together. My decorating budget hovers someone south of a quart of paint, so I do what I can.

Right now I hate everything. Part of this is sheer envy. We have neighbors who just finished building their starter castle behind us. Until today, there was no privacy fence so I could get glimpses of shiny stainless steel, artfully aged copper, high arches, and a real live laundry room. I fully expect the fence to help me with my kitchen and bath envy, but it doesn’t change the fact I have to paint the living room and dining room.

Last year for my birthday, my mom got me this fabric that I’d been lusting over. It’s very me. Traditional, but not. Oh, and loud. I wanted it for my dining room chairs. I love the funky print with the traditional mahogany Queen Anne chairs. So I got to stapling. (By the way, if you recover chairs a lot or just have need of a good stapler, this one will change your life) The good news is there are so many colors in it, I can pretty much use whatever I want for the walls. The bad news is I’m going to have to take to my fainting couch if I look at another paint chip.

What I Have
What I Would Like

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