Bloggus Interruptus

Standard Life Coach just got a question that I thought I’d step in and answer. One Mr. Ginger Brews (As if that’s your real name, sir!) writes he seems to be stuck in a pit of apathy regarding his own blog. A blog I happen to love for its author’s thoughtful musings and the fact that he really respects differing opinions. I am trying to be more thoughtful and respectful myself–it don’t come easy, friend–so I like to hear what he has to say.

But! I am totally there with the apathy thing. Sometimes, and brace yourself, it occurs to me that every little thought going through my head may not be of general interest. Or even specific interest. And you know how you’re always reading about these people with severe depression and anxiety who write, but they don’t want to take medication because it stifles the muse? Yeah, I’m not that person. My muse only shows up when I’m well-medicated and even then she acts like I’m keeping her from a mani/pedi appointment.

At the end of the year, I set up some goals for myself. I was going to take an item a day–a lamp, a picture, a leaf–and describe it. I hoped it would help me get over my fear of adjectives. Have I done that? No. I was going to post something daily. DAILY. We can all see how well that’s going, but I am better about posting regularly because I learned a lesson the painful way about a neglected blog.

Picture it: November, 2010. I wrote a little ditty about that crazy show Sandra Lee does. The one where she takes already-made food, throws some parsley on it, puts it on a gawd-awful tacky “tablescape”, and makes gazillions of dollars. You know the one? Yeah, so she is the significant other of New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo. So I did this little thing about how she was going to make the inaugural ball semi-homemade. It was a laff riot. Thing is, in January of last year, Jezebel ran this piece about how batshit crazy she is. Something about putting a diaper on a parakeet. And Jezebel linked to my blog post. Jezebel is one of the fifty most-read blogs in the country. About four hundred bajillion people read it. And yours truly did not check her blog until, oh, March and totally missed 9,509,320 hits. Okay, maybe closer to 8,500,000. POINT IS. I missed keeping some of those readers. And by some, I mean all of them.

So, I say to you, Mr. Brews, we’ve all been there. You go head-on into blogging and then you’re all of a sudden like meh. Maybe I’ll have a sandwich instead. Write about the damn sandwich. Seriously. If you don’t, it will be six months down the line, you’ll have this really great idea you want to throw out, and your readers will have removed you from their Feedly (Feedlies? Fiedlers?) You’ll be blogging to an empty room. And that is sad. I personally have ten bits and pieces of posts stashed in various blog dashboards around the country. True fact. In fact, I got an email the other day asking if one bit was the shortest post in history or a case of writing interruptus.

Have some Cheetos and Mountain Dew. You need blogger fuel. Get into an argument with a loved one who does not share your views on proper toenail clipping. Talk about the annoying woman in the cubicle next to you who talks to her boyfriend in a baby voice. In short? GET PISSED ABOUT SOMETHING. Works for me.


Just spit it out, already!

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