The Poetry of Comments

Here is a selection of random comments, and parts of comments, from my Facebook feed. Enjoy.

  • If I were a cigarette, I would scream when being smoked.
  • any one konw the sentence that has had 14 times within it that makes sense..i am sure it starts had he hadinplace of had had……
  • Not everyone knows about this trick. Yeah, it startled me, too. I’m glad that this article is out there teaching the folks who don’t know, honestly. Taco nights are important.
  • I’ve always wondered what the ceiling of the test kitchen looked like! Now I know.
  • I live in Washington. Our vampires do not sparkle, no matter what the author of Twilight may want you to believe. Sparkling tends to dramatically shorten the “life”span of a vampire.
  • I always thought that it would be funny if ‘astronaut food’ gave people gas. Wonder if they take that into account when concocting that stuff. It would be like flying transcon.
  • The Destruction of such a nation is Merited to Clense that nation of the Abominations of Immorality !! As it was in Sodom and Gomorra So Shall it be in the nation called the U.S.A. – United Supporters of Immorality !! Soon this nation shall be Utterly Destroyed by Fire from the Heavens !!
  • If you seriously don’t know what Game of Thrones is then you’ve already lost the game of Life
  • I would like to know how she allows Monsanto to control her Husband and poison our food supply with GMO’s. And why they are not considered Terrorist’s? How long do you think we will allow this before we demand accountability for the Rape and Poisoning of our food supply, and the unknown causes of these effects?? This is Treason against the American people. You and your Husband are our Hope. You cannot preach Change and expect to continue on living the same Life. First Lady, clean House.
  • I am living in New Zealand now, and it is obvious how high the American obesity rate is in general.
  • Lawnmowers are way too mainstream

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gita says:

    Your comment feed is a lot more interesting than mine, which consists mainly of: OMG. Seriously? Really — that’s all you got? LOL. I hate Romney. I need a beer….. you catch my drift.
    Thank you for showing me how the other half lives.

    1. Susan says:

      These were not actually from friends. They were comments on feeds from news stations and the like. I like to read a few every day as a reminder I’m not THAT crazy. I also have a drinking game I play by myself…in the dark. Every time someone posts “TGIF!!!!”, I drink. And God kills a kitten.

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