This Week Can Kiss My Grits

I hate everything. You knew that already. I know you did. And that’s why I love you. You anticipate my every mood. Yesterday? Food poisoning. Yeah. The real deal. The Girl Child and I were POISONED by a fast food restaurant which will remain nameless only because when we called to give them a heads up they might be accidentally poisoning people, they were very professional about it. Anyway, down for the count. Because sending me to the hospital over the weekend wasn’t enough. This week can kiss my ass in Macy’s window.

I do, however, hate things a little less today because I can check out e-books again. This weekend, thanks to my good buddy Cat, I’ll be finishing The Hunger Games trilogy, then moving on to my e-books from Sarah Vowell and Nora Roberts. Don’t you judge me. About Nora, I mean. If you’re not reading Sarah Vowell, UR DOIN IT RONG. I just knew you’d all sleep a little better knowing I now have full library privileges again. I’m here for YOU.

I’m going to nap now. I need my strength for the weekend. COLLEGE FOOTBALL!! Be safe this weekend, kids.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Gita8 says:

    Please just tell us what you ate so that we avoid it. As a public service. Or at least tell me it’s NOT that terrific new salad at Taco Bell with the fresh guacamole.
    P.S. War damn Eagle

    1. Susan says:

      Normally I wouldn’t tell a fehwareaglefeh anything that would prevent him or her from getting poisoned. BUT I make an exception for you. Let me just say that a certain red headed pigtailed harpie can shove it.

  2. Get well quick, and go Michigan.

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