The Adorable Beast– UPDATED!

Sir Henry Catfish Wigglesworth Montague, as he was to ME for a day, has found his forever family. A very kind woman down the street found him tied to a post at a thrift store and took him home just a couple of days before he found us. That’s why he didn’t recognize his house when Chuck took him around the neighborhood. Some good, old-fashioned knocking on doors by my kiddo found his family. 


We have an adorable and dumb visitor. He followed my family home last night, but we’d love to find his real family.

He’s a black dog, some auburn to him. He’s a mix. Possibly some lab and/or pit bull in his lineage. He’s an older gentleman who is clearly very comfortable around people. We found him–or he found us–last night in the High Point/Hilldale Gardens/Pigeon Estates area of Memphis. He’s healthy, but he did appear to have been wandering a little while. 

We’ve got him fenced in, and although he did make a great escape this morning, he saw Chuck on his way to work and…well…we still have him.

If this guy is yours, I can be reached at,, or by Twitter @bergsiecromkfr.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gita8 says:

    omg he is so shiny and sad looking. I want to just swoop in and give him a home except that I have a dog who looks just like him and she brooks NO interlopers. I wish you success in locating the owners.

    1. Susan says:

      FOUND THEM! It turns out they live just a few houses down. They found him tied to a post at a thrift store just a few days ago so when Chuck tried to take him around to see if he would go anywhere, he just didn’t know his neighborhood yet. He’s a sweetie, but I’m very glad he’s not OUR sweetie.

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