yeah and another thingI took a sabbatical that sucked. I left, almost totally, all social media. By that I mean I will always love to Facebook stalk. I just cain’t quit it. There was a little bit of method to this madness. A madness I will explain at a later date because I’ll be writing again, kids. Daddy and I have discussed it and Mommy is a much nicer person when she is vomiting all over the internet (See also: Nicer with Xanax). Okay, so much nicer is a relative term. Like jumbo shrimp. Or funny Jay Leno joke.

Point is, Yeah, And Another Thing will be relaunching next week. Don’t expect a makeover like how Abercrombie and Fitch used to sell hella good waxed hunting jackets, but now they sell clothes for prostitots. It will be better. But not like better like you upgraded from a 2003 Motorola flip to an iPhone 6. More like, um, you changed the oil in your ’77 Gremlin. Yeah. But you still have the original tires, no AC, and just an AM radio.

I know some of you regularly check to see if something new has posted and some of you have been kind enough to contact me to make sure I’d not fallen in a sewer grate. I really appreciate it. I DO THIS FOR YOU!


Just spit it out, already!

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