The thing is I had this blog. Then I didn’t like it anymore. Then I didn’t think I was going to write anymore. Then I went nuts with the not writing stuff.  Like seriously nuts, okay? Like, I’m all medicated and junk now.  And here I am. Again.

My name is Susan. At the end of sixth grade I decided I wanted to be a writer after I won a creative writing contest with an entry which confounded both the laws of grammar and logic. After a detour through a completely non-related career in retail and training, I realized writers gotta write. I kept reading THE BLOG IS DEAD, so I knew it was time for me to have one.

I live in Memphis-by-God, Tennessee. I have a wonderful husband who came pre-loaded with two children.  I like cheese and long walks in the rain, but I rarely combine the two.

If you happen to be the MacArthur Genius Grant people looking to give me my prize, you can reach me at yeahandanotherthing@gmail.com.

Also, the images on this blog are mine. MINE. They are digitally watermarked and if you steal them, Seal Team 6 drops into your house, ties you up, and makes you read copyright law. Out loud and while naked and standing in the middle of the food court at the mall. Please, if you want to use something from the site, ask me. Perhaps we can work something out.