Yeah, And Another Thing was started to fill a void. In my heart. I’m kidding. It was started because I really had a lot on my mind and found that yelling in my front yard wasn’t the best way to get the word out. So, I started writing like I’d always wanted to, and found a home here with the absolute best audience ever: YOU! Was that personal enough? All the laydee blogger say you should call your readers rock stars and go-getters so you attract the “right” people, but I’m from Mississippi and that kind of dog whistle talk means something else.

I left to go be a grown up, but realized that first, adulthood is overrated and second, I can both be an adult AND write a blog while not wearing pants. And eating Cheetos. I don’t have a basement, sorry. Also I’ve just realized that telling you I blog pantsless could definitely be attracting NOT the “right” people.

But I digress. I do that a lot.

I’m Susan, but my family calls me Bergsie. I live in Memphis, Tennessee, but am from Laurel, Mississippi. I live with my husband, Chuck, and two strays,  Col. Jackson Humphrey Hoover Dog (a tiny poodle mix) and Sir Henry Medved Barker Dog (a big-ass lab). I like pizza, cross stitch, bourbon, and long walks down the candy aisle. A family friend once described my writing to a colleague as, “She’s somewhere between a belle and Bella Abzug,” and I thank you, Noel, because that’s exactly how I would have described myself if I used words as well as you.

If you love crazypants Southern women, righteous indignation, or have nothing better to do, you’ll feel right at home here.

If you happen to be the MacArthur Genius Grant people looking to give me my prize, you can reach me at yeahandanotherthing@gmail.com.

Also, the images on this blog are mine. MINE. They are digitally watermarked and if you steal them, Seal Team 6 drops into your house, ties you up, and makes you read copyright law. Out loud and while naked and standing in the middle of the food court at the mall. Please, if you want to use something from the site, ask me. Perhaps we can work something out.