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Yup, Still Married

26 Jun

Forget gay marriageThe past two weeks have been so amazingly crappy. And then today, my Facebook feed starts lighting up. It’s just happy in my corner of social media world. Wedding announcements are starting to pop up from my friends. I’m seeing pictures of happy couples holding up marriage licences. And you know what? I’m still married to a person of the opposite sex. Neither of us exploded this morning around 9:30 Washington time. Chuck is edging his parents’ lawn and I’m here paying bills and exercising a few basic rights. I do not see four horsemen clopping down the street, although it IS a curvy street, so maybe they just haven’t come round the bend yet. I have yet to see anyone proposing marriage to a pig or hamster. I guess “gay” really DOES mean happy.

Marriage, in my mind, is a civil rights issue. If we are all equal under the law, then we should all have an equal opportunity to marry the one person we want to annoy the rest of our lives. You might have lived with someone for 20 years, but it changes when you’re married. Mostly for better. That worse part kind of sucks. Looking into someone’s eyes and forming a legal contract that you will not bolt when you realize your Netflix queue is full of Jennifer Anniston movies or that you have married your father is a very humbling experience. As my mother reminded me this morning, it’s not for the faint of heart.

I know that many conservative leaders who don’t want big government interfering in our lives or making unnecessary expenditures will now start spending all sorts of time and money to stop these homo shenanigans like registering for china and getting life insurance policies. I’m really pissed about that part. But for right now, for right this second, I’m enjoying the celebrations.

In fact, the ruling today has actually reminded my WHY we got married in the first place. Our lives are better together than apart.

It is so ordered.

it is so ordered



25 Sep

I am in possession of a teenager and a pre-teen lives next door. This means I hear that Gotye song. A lot. You know the one.


That little ditty makes for one bastard of an earworm. Every time I hear it, I’m reminded of another little ditty that I’ve not been able to identify. It’s the little xylophone/glockenspiel/vibraphone bit in the beginning. It’s been driving me nuts. What does that remind me of? Then it hit me. Ladies and gentlemen, the Nairobi Trio.


The Poetry of Comments

30 May

Here is a selection of random comments, and parts of comments, from my Facebook feed. Enjoy.

  • If I were a cigarette, I would scream when being smoked.
  • any one konw the sentence that has had 14 times within it that makes sense..i am sure it starts had he hadinplace of had had……
  • Not everyone knows about this trick. Yeah, it startled me, too. I’m glad that this article is out there teaching the folks who don’t know, honestly. Taco nights are important.
  • I’ve always wondered what the ceiling of the test kitchen looked like! Now I know.
  • I live in Washington. Our vampires do not sparkle, no matter what the author of Twilight may want you to believe. Sparkling tends to dramatically shorten the “life”span of a vampire.
  • I always thought that it would be funny if ‘astronaut food’ gave people gas. Wonder if they take that into account when concocting that stuff. It would be like flying transcon.
  • The Destruction of such a nation is Merited to Clense that nation of the Abominations of Immorality !! As it was in Sodom and Gomorra So Shall it be in the nation called the U.S.A. – United Supporters of Immorality !! Soon this nation shall be Utterly Destroyed by Fire from the Heavens !!
  • If you seriously don’t know what Game of Thrones is then you’ve already lost the game of Life
  • I would like to know how she allows Monsanto to control her Husband and poison our food supply with GMO’s. And why they are not considered Terrorist’s? How long do you think we will allow this before we demand accountability for the Rape and Poisoning of our food supply, and the unknown causes of these effects?? This is Treason against the American people. You and your Husband are our Hope. You cannot preach Change and expect to continue on living the same Life. First Lady, clean House.
  • I am living in New Zealand now, and it is obvious how high the American obesity rate is in general.
  • Lawnmowers are way too mainstream

Ultimate Party Duo

7 Mar

I’m the first one to point out Walmart does some bone-headed things, but I’ll give credit where credit is due. Walmart is running a “Get On The Shelf” promotion. You have an idea for a product, submit it, and the public votes on what will Walmart’s next new product will be. I happen to know one of the entrants. She and her team developed a product for a marketing class in high school, and the teacher suggested they enter it into the contest. It’s called The Ultimate Party Duo. It’s awesome, and I’d like you to vote for it if you’re so inclined.

Pretty cool, huh? You can go to the Get On The Shelf site and vote for it. Do it!

Today’s Mood

16 Feb

As Close To Warm And Fuzzy As I Get

14 Feb

I am told by an office-dweller that nothing is getting done in offices today because everyone’s busy obsessing over last-minute VD purchases–or the lack thereof. So since you’re not doing anything anyway, spend some time over at the Library of Congress website. It’s thirty-one flavors of awesome.

And they have pictures of cheese.

A Challenge

13 Feb

Hi. My name is Susan and I was a high school drama nerd.

I was a member of the National Forensics League. If you give me a minute, I could probably remember my rank. I faithfully got up–generally before dawn–most Saturday mornings between September and the first weekend of May, PUT ON PANTYHOSE, grabbed my Walkman, and stumbled to a school bus which then took us to such exotic locales as Monticello and Clinton, Mississippi for speech and drama competitions.  I don’t want to brag, but I could do a “Clear Glass Marbles” that would make a dictator cry. I was kind of a big deal. Not really, but I did hear these girls talking about me once. They were really glad they weren’t in a round with me. I dominated.

Point being, we never had to pay for much more than lunch and snacks when we went to these tournaments. But as we all know, art, choir, drama, band, and other classes which might be construed as artsy-fartsy aren’t important in high school.  No, the fact that I had to learn discipline to get up that damn early, memorize two or three different pieces, speak for 3 to 5 minutes on a subject pulled from a hat, build a stage set, and find out that pantyhose stuffed with newspaper makes an excellent fake turkey are not things that are important for kids to learn.

My high school, Laurel High, has gone through some changes in the twenty-two ten years since I was graduated. But one thing that hasn’t changed apparently is that there is a ton of talent in that school. It seems the Select Choir has been asked to sing at Carnegie Hall. Yeah, a choir from Laurel, Mississippi has been invited to perform at the Octavo Series which will be conducted by Dr. Anton Armstrong, conductor of the St. Olaf Choir. The thirty-five member choir has raised most of the $60,000 to go, but I just read today they are about $5,000 short.

If you are reading this, you probably know me. If you know me, you might have been in school with me. If you were in school with me, we probably went on some trips together. I am challenging you, Laurel High alums, to make up the difference. Look, there are enough of us that $20 here and there could get these kids to New York. Can you imagine? And even if they hit the $5,000 tomorrow, we need to pony up some Benjamins. There are likely to be kids who will need suitcases, clothes, incidentals.

Guys, I ain’t too proud to beg for these kids. The opportunities I had to take trips like this changed my life, no kidding. For the first time in my life, I realized I was good at something. It’s time to replace what was given. Even if you didn’t go? SO WHAT? Think of the warm, smug feeling you’ll have knowing you helped send a kid from the Piney Woods of Mississippi to New York.


Here’s how:

Donations may be sent to:

Laurel High School in the name of LHS Choir.

1100 W 12th St

Laurel, MS 39440

You may contact the choir director, Leander Bridges at 601.649.4145 or email him at