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Culinary Westerns

9 Oct


The Good, The Bad, and The Hungry

The Outlaw Johnson and Wales

True Shrimp and Grits

High Tea

A Fistful of Dollar Menus

The Wild Bunch of Turnips

The Magnificent Seven Layer Dip

Blazing Saddles of Lamb

For A Few Dollars More You Can Supersize That

Lonesome Dove in a Wine Shallot Reduction

Red River Trout

Ride The High Country Fried Steak

Mackenna’s Golden Fried Onion Rings

She Wore a Yellow Squash



Things You Never Hear People Say About Movies

13 Feb

In no particular order:

  • That Terrence Malick movie was so talky.
  • Keanu Reeves was so emotive in that role.
  • I was TOTALLY blown away when I realized DeNiro’s cop was dirty. Totally.
  • I didn’t think John Malkovich was creepy at all.
  • Paul Giamatti was smokin’ hawt in that.
  • Really? I never would have guessed Jan Hammer did that score.
  • Can you believe Marisa Tomei plays a hooker?
  • Can you believe Marisa Tomei plays a stripper?
  • Can you believe Marisa Tomei gets naked?
  • I could barely hear that Michael Bay film.
  • I totally can’t figure out if one of those characters was based on Woody Allen.
  • I hope my girls watch this Disney movie for the positive message it sends them.
  • That Soderbergh movie was way too deep for me to follow.
  • The remake was better.
  • It was awesome until Daniel Craig took his shirt off. I couldn’t get that hideous image out of my brain the rest of the movie.
  • Seriously? Kate Winslet plays an American?
  • I was floored George Clooney got nominated for that role. I figured he was the dark horse.
  • I just find Bergman movies to be a little feel-good for my taste.
  • I think the Academy got its Best Picture list spot on. Those really were the best movies of last year.