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No, Sweetie, I Told You. You Don’t Do The Twitters.

13 Jan

About an hour ago…

Chuck: Hey, I voted for you!

Me: What?

Chuck: For the blogging award. I voted for you.

Me: I thought you had to be on Twitter? Maybe I was wrong.

Chuck: I dunno, but it took my vote.

About ten minutes ago…

Susan checks her Twitter feed and sees the following:

Me: Holy crap! I’ve been spammed or something…hey, wait a minute… CHUCK!

Chuck: Yes, dear?

Me: You did vote for me. Under my Twitter account. Don’t know how, but you did.

Chuck: I am just that good.

Me: I love you.



Vote Me!

13 Jan

Click Here To Vote For Yeah And Another Thing

I don’t have resolutions. I have to-do lists. On my 2012 list is when I’m given a compliment, say thank you, don’t mitigate. Today I was nominated for a Shorty Award. Normally, I’d be all tucking my hair behind my ear and hunching my shoulders, but I’ve decided the hell with it.


You have to be on the Twitters to vote, I think. Also, apparently “nominating” is voting. I’m a little confused on that, but I haven’t read the whole page yet because I wanted to get this shameless self-promotion in before I chickened out. Remember to vote early and often!


Thank you for your support.